I'm not really into blogs.

But I do love questions!  And weird news stories.  And pondering the universe.  And random quizzes.
So let's just see where this goes, shall we?

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The Cape Fear region has a lot to offer, not the least of which is an amazing pool of talented artists and artisans. Lucky for me! Because although I’m a decent sketcher, when it came time to create the cover art for my book, I needed someone with a gift for conveying emotion in a

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Twelve Days

Deadlines are fantastic, aren’t they? They corral our dreams and funnel them into reality. I love them. Really, I do. Except when they derail my obsessive-compulsive tendencies to keep fiddling, tweaking, and experimenting. About ten years ago, Life with a capital L decided to teach me some lessons. I was laid off from a job

Wilmington, North Carolina
(Thirty-one years later)

For her to exhibit singular characteristics this far into her lifespan, he had to acknowledge the woman's uniqueness; and, for the twelfth time in as many days, he wondered why he had waited so long to research her.

No. Lying to himself served no purpose. He knew why he had not. The true question was what else had he overlooked by choosing to ignore her?