image of poem Shelter by J. Martain

“Shelter” by J. Martain
The whisper of steps crept upon my mind as the bliss of you pressed against my throat
and I railed
to climb
out of my base meant for something else dreamt of someone else you must have…

image of poem Ending by J. Martain

“Ending” by J. Martain
love scatters and shatters the fragile frozen
touch me and joy freezes
the bliss of ice, cool and perfect
pull back, turn, close your eyes…

image of poem Falling by J. Martain


“Falling” by J. Martain
Love dips into my soul and raises her hands to lift me high and
I fall, sifted
scattered grains of myself scooting across the floor mingled with cat hair and crumbs…