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Forces stronger than hurricanes are at work in the Cape Fear.

For thirty-one years, Lila has hidden her extrasensory abilities, creating a small life in the same coastal North Carolina city where she was born. But her nightmares have grown worse, her angels still haven’t learned Morse code, and raising a thirteen-year-old genius requires the kind of mental focus that Lila has never quite mastered.

Still, the abnormal seems fairly normal—until a strange young man appears and a new friend confides a shocking truth about her pregnancy.

Book 1 in the Daughters series

Secrets and altered memories have shaped four generations of Cape Fear women.

And the man who's been watching them.


A captivating blend of paranormal, science fiction, and women's fiction.

What readers are saying...

Jo Buer, Author & Podcaster 

Engaging & thought-provoking!

This was such a fun read. Not my usual genre, so it was a pleasant surprise when it engaged me throughout. A somewhat complex story line blending angels, aliens, quantum physics, a heartfelt mother-daughter storyline, and a hint of romance. The characters were very well written, and I found it hard to decide who I wanted Lilith (the main character) to end up with.
This is the first book I've read by J. Martain but I'm now a fan and am looking forward to reading her other work.

Amazon "verified purchase" - Celeste L.

Psychic Suspense

...It was quite different from the stories that I have read recently. This one was a psychic suspense story, and it has become one of my new favorite books. I loved the psychic aspect of the book and the suspense that is intertwined within the pages and words of the story. It also did not hurt that the story took place in an area I feel familiar with, which really made the story feel personal and relatable. Like I was living in the place that the story took place and the story was happening all around me. I love escaping reality, and this book definitely helped me do that.

Amazon "verified purchase" - Anastasia S.

Well-thought out & well-executed

This one got my attention from the start, with an uncommon take on paranormal abilities.

I’m a reader who spends more time thinking about superpowers and the blending of sci-fi and fantasy than I probably should, and so this can sometimes lead to me having perhaps unreasonably high expectations when it comes to writing around such. Too many authors settle for “and she visualised this” or “and there was a glow of energy” etc and consider it a job done. Not so here! Instead, Martain gave us a fantastically palpably credible set of superpowers...

All in all, an excellent book well-written.

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